Friday, January 10, 2020

Vape Pens For Beginners

The Best and Cheapest Vape Pens

For many trying to quit smoking vape pens are an easier and customizable solution, not to mention much more affordable than buying packs of cigarettes. Since vape pens can be fitted with mods they can be unique to each user. 

But many beginners struggle to find budget friendly vape pens when they're just starting out. Of course buying the pen is only a part of the process, you still need to buy the e-juice and mods to make your vape pen unique to you. 

So to that end we've researched 3 of the best E-Cigarettes, cheapest and beginner friendly vape pens.

Here's 3 Best Vape Pens to get you started:

Innokin Endura T20

  • Simply put, this is a vape pen unlike Vape starter Mods for those that feel that mods and other much more advanced vape pens are too complicated to handle.
  • The Endura has a capacity of 2 ml, has a top-filling tank and sports a 1,500 mAh battery built right into the pen.
  • The tank design makes it easy to use, while the battery ensures you can vape throughout the day one a single charge.
  • It uses a single button for operation, a high-resistance atomizer makes it an excellent option for MTL vaping.
  • It has a great balance between flavor and vapor production.
  • This makes the Endura one of the best and most affordable vape pens for begginers.
  • Available for $24.95


  • Among the most popular vape pens on the market, the JUUL is an easy to use, odd looking vape pen.
  • It features a pod insertion system, where the pod is inserted into the top of the pen before you start using it.
  • The battery (while small) lasts long since the JUUL only operates in low power mode and has a charge time of only 1 hour.
  • Theres no need for mods with the JUUL, so its as easy as it gets.
  • Its the satisfaction you would expect from mods while being easier to use than most other vape pens.
  • The JUUL is definitely one of the more unique looking and functioning pens on the market.
  • Available for $49.99

Joytech eGO AIO D22 XL

  • This all in one style e-cigarette is a begginer friendly design compared to other vape pens in the market.
  • The vape pen layout makes it one of the most recomended pens for begginers and experienced users.
  • The eGO has a tank with a 3.5 ml capacity built into the pen.
  • In terms of battery, it has one of the best in the market, packing an impressive 2,300 mAh battery.
  • Its optimized for MTL vaping, preferred by most begginers.
  • Available for $23.95


Vape pens can be complicated for any begginers trying to quit smoking, these are just 3 of many pens. But these are the most affordable and highest quality for the begginer. They dont need any special mods to make them functional and easy to use. They also require absiolutely no previous experience to use efectively. Be sure to choose the right one for you to maximize yor satisfaction!

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