Thursday, January 9, 2020

Vape Starter Mods And Which To Choose

Vapor Kits And The Best Mods To Buy Online

Are you looking at starting vaping or looking to buy your first vapor kit. 

Vaping have taken the world by storm because of their very limited health risks as opposed to smoking and have much more to offer in terms of enjoyment from different flavours or Ejuice, the style of vape pens you can buy and generally speaking, the diverse features that come with Vape mods as compered to burned smelly tobacco. The difference between smoking and vaping are significant

Vaping; considered a healthier alternative to smoking, but for those new to the phenomenon, where do you start? With a number of so-called 'mods' and vape starter kits, it is difficult to know where to start but with well known brands such as Vaporesso and SMOK interjecting latest designs into a relatively new market, finding the best device for you is simple,

Vaporesso Vapes

Vaporesso are regarded as a 'premium brand' manufacturer. Promising affordability, suave design and easy use, Vaporesso are an excellent brand to use for starters and veteran vapers alike. Some of the best recommended starter kits involve a 'vape pen' as they're sleek, pocket sized and slimline for convenience and typically are easy to use. One of the Vaporesso kits that fit this criteria is the budget-friendly Orca Solo Vape pen. 

Promising a super fast battery charge of just 45 minutes, what it lacks in size it definitely makes up for convenience, and reaches a respectable 40w in power- which is very generous for a pen vape and just $21 investment. Producing a smooth cloud of vapour, it's hard to see where this nicotine delivery system can go wrong. For those looking for a slightly more powerful and less budget tight option, Vaporesso do a starter mod kit, known as the Target Mini II. In a compact size, with a 5-50wattage power system, variety shines through. It incorporates a standard 2ml tank, a sleek design available in blue or black and is operated by a handy button located on the screen- which shows the power wattage- alongside buttons to adapt the wattage to your own suiting,

SMOK Vapes

SMOK are another well known front runner for vaporiser kits. Another system suitable for a starter vaper, is the SMOK Nord Pod Kit. A sleek, rectangular pen design, this kit uses a compact pod by which it delivers a vape hit via a small coil upon the pressing of the button, Compact, stylish and retailing at a budget-friendly $39 on average, this device is perfect for someone new to the market and experiencing vaping for the first time,

E-Juice And E-Liquid Flavours

E-juice, also known as 'vape juice', and 'e-liquid' is the liquid substance which is poured into a vape tank or pod kit to be vaped. 

Normally made from a mixture of vegetable glycerine and propylene glycol, flavourings and with or without differing of nicotine.

 When vaped, it heats up and evaporates into a water vapour to be inhaled, followed by exhaled, delivering a nicotine hit, with far less chemicals than cigarettes, Popular, highly recommended brands include Nasty Juice, Zeus Juice and NKD 100. It is worth noting that for hobby vapers who enjoy a thicker cloud, higher ratios of vegetable glycerine, will produce this. Generally liquids come in ratios of 50:50 PG:VG, 70:30 and 80:20.

Whilst vaping isn't for everybody, those who intend to start should ensure they do the most research they possibly can to ensure quality and value of products are up to standard and safe as possible to use,

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