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How Vaping Accessories Can Add To The Vaping Experience

Vape Shops And Vaping 

With the inception of vaping, who would have thought from the early onset of this new trend that it would one day, well, not one day but maybe ten years down the track, take off to nearly make a huge dent within the tobacco industry ? 
I bet not many. Eventually, Vaping will shut down the tobacco industry...
Good riddance to that and government taxes. With the introduction of vape mods, and a huge range of vape pens, and now also available with nicotine, why would you still want to smoke and kill yourself  when you can vape ? More affordable by thousands of dollars over the long run,and with nowhere near the health dangers associated with smoking.
If you ever wanted to get into a great business with huge returns that have no tax penalties which the Gov says is there to promote quitting, because they .." REALLY " about your health, buying a Vape shop would have to be one of the wisest investments to get into. You just can't go wrong buying a Vape Store

What Is Vaping And E-Cigarettes ? 


Vaping is the new phenomenon which is sweeping the entire world and gradually replacing smoking. Vaping is done through the form of an E-Cig or what is known as an E-Cigarette and basically simulates that of tobacco smoking. 
The basic components are so simple, a high school drop out could have thought of it. It is basically a metal cylinder which supports a battery for electronic function which is used to heat up ( not burn ) oil stored in a tank around a heating element . This oil made from natural ingredients, and some artificial, when heated at high temperatures forms a vapour, which is then drawn through what is known a  drip tip
This vapour does not carry anywhere near the level of toxins that cigarettes are renowned for and is thus far safer than traditional tobacco smoking which is smoke and carries thousands of harmful toxins. This vapour oil also known as a vapour flavour or vape juice, comes in many different Vapour flavours,TS including original tobacco vapour flavours for the x smoker who enjoys the original tobacco flavour but not the added health hazards, as well as a range of fruity vape flavours.TS There is also a huge range of vapes to choose from, and vape flavours

 Vape Mods And Vape Pens 


  It is practically impossible to go broke in anything that has huge demand. Not only this but there is a huge range of vapes to choose from such as vape starter kits, vape pens, vape Mods. When quitting smoking and taking up vaping, most individuals would not have a clue what toi get started with. This is where it's best to get the right advice about how to start and what is easiest to work with. Although its simple enough, it's not quite like opening a new pack of smokes.

Vape Pens 


After walking into a vape store, the first thing you should do is tell the counter staff you have quit smoking and what would be the best vape to start with. They will almost ( for cost purposes and ease of use ) start you off with a vape pen. 
Vape pens are simple devices. You don't even have to turn them on. All you do is hold the vape pen like a cigarette and draw through it. You won't even know you're drawing in vapour it's so smooth. Vape pens are simple throw away units. They come in a range of draw numbers from 600 right up past 2000 draws before you throw them away. 
They don't normally have replaceable units unless you actually purchased a unit with replaceable parts. Once the vapour fluid, which basically contains  propylene glycol glycerin and  nicotine is used, you throw them away and just buy another vapour pen.

Vape Mods


After you have been vaping for a little while and want to up the ante, you will more than likely want to move to what is known as a vape mod or vape mod.  Vapor Mods are much more advanced than your typical vape pens as they come with an array of features that enhance or decrease the vaping experience. 
By this we mean the strength of vapour you enjoy drawing on. You can either have light vapour or heavy vapour that is so strong you would swear you were making cumulus clouds around you. 
This is all achieved by the strength of the battery which comes in a range of vapour batteries from 1835, 18650, 20700, 21700, right up to 26650 vape Mod batteries. These size batteries have the capacity to really increase heating power through higher wattage which in turn heats the element even to higher level thus increasing vapour strength and density. This makes for huge vape clouds. What normally causes huge clouds 

What Is The Best Vape Mod For Clouds ?


So which is the best Mod for Huge clouds then ? There is no particular brand of vape that is better than the other when you want a vape that blows big clouds. 
There are varying factors with vapes in order to produce big clouds. The size of the battery for instance will have much to do with this, the VG strength will have much to do with big clouds and even the size of the drip tip. 
A small drip tip will produce smaller clouds while a large drip tip which allows for more air will produce more clouds. 
Basically put, the higher the wattage, the larger the drip tip and higher strength or content of VG will produce some of the biggest clouds from vaping that you could imagine.

There are quite a few different vape Mods that can do this but if you are asking, what is the best vape mod for clouds, then the best recommendation we can make is the SMOK G-Priv 3 TS
Although it comes with a powerful battery, it can be easily modified to carry a large battery for blowing huge vape clouds as well as offer different size drip tips, tank sizes, heating elements and of course, your choice of  VG oil. The SMOK G-Priv 3 will be perfect for this requirement.

Vaping Accessories


Vape Tanks 


Vape Mods come with a huge range of different size vape tanks TS from  small to large. The y only really do one thing, they either hold more vape juice or less. The only other thing is their appearance. You can get them in a range of sizes shapes and looks from dull form the boring vaper to exquisite looking for the fashionable vaper who likes a bit of dazzle with their Mod...

Vape Drip Tips


Vape drip tips also come in a range of sizes and shapes. They primarily do only a couple things. They adjust the flow based on their design or allow for more air which allows for more bigger clouds

Vapour Juices And Vapour Flavours


 Vapour flavour or E-Juice as it is also known is what creates the clouds that are enjoyed with vaping with either Mods or E-Cig vapour pens. No vapour juices, no vapour. Simple as that ! Vapour jucies are the main component of vaping. You can't create clouds if you don't have vapour juices.
What constitutes the amount of vapour or cloud as it is known is a few factors. The VG in the oil, the wattage applied and the size of the drip tip. Combine these with large scale and you have huge clouds of vapour. The best thing about vape juice is that it comes with a great range of vapour flavours to choose from. You can choose from traditional tobacco flavours all the way to fruit style flavours which add a different style of vaping

Battery For Vapor

Looking for battery for vapor TS ? Vapour batteries play a major role in the quality and strength of vapeour or cloud as it is known. Many vapers love the ability of being able to blow huge clouds. Combine a powerful battery with a VG e juice and good drip tip, and you have a huge clouds. Typical vape mod batteries for this would be 1835, 18650, 20700, 21700, right up to 26650 in size which create greats clouds of vapour.

Vaping Accessories


We hope you can see from what we have posted  vaping really is the best growing trend for this century and that smoking will eventually die off. We have included the best possible info so that we can in order to assist with your first vape mod.


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