Thursday, January 2, 2020

Why Is Vaping Gaining Popularity In Sydney ?

Vaporizers Become The New Trend


Have you been looking at quitting smoking and starting the new trend called vaping ? Well, it's not like there aren't enough vape shops around in Sydney these days.

Vape stores in Sydney have also exploded online selling popular brands of vape starter kits, from Vaporesso, Voopoo 220WKit, Uwell, the Geek Vape Aegis Mini Kit, the Vooppoo Alpha Zip Kit, SMOK and more. With a huge range of vaping rpoducts, why would you not choose vaping over smoking ?

Vaping isn’t just another trend that’s cool and people are associating with it merely for the swagger and the panache. It is one of the most effective and ideal approaches to stop smoking and quit the habit for good.

Do Vaporizers Contain Nicotine ? 


The E-juice or E-liquids you use do not contain nicotine. Nicotine has to be purchased separately through. If it is smoking you are trying to rid your life of, We would recommend adding nicotine to your ejuice to still deliver your hit. It is not nicotine that causes cancer or kills people in smoking. It is the thousands of cancer causing chemicals that are added to tobacco that kill people so vaping won't do you any damage.

Some Reasons Why People Are Switching To Vaping


Cancer Is Null With Vaping 


Vape juice is manufactured from Propylene Glycol. Vegetable glycerin and different flavor tastes.
All these products are not clssed dangerous and are generally found in Many food stuffs or ingredients as it is anyway.

When it comes to inhaling anything other than pure oxygen, if youw ere going to inhale anythi9ng other, what would you prefer ?

Vapour that is atomised from a  heating element and contains harmless natural ingredients, or tobacco smoke that contains thousands of harmful chemicals which cause up to and over ten types of cancer along with other breathing and respiratory complications

Vaping Is Not Smoking


Although it is still early days, there are no reports to indicate that vaping is actually dangerous.

Ideally in a perfect world, Your lungs are not suppose to be inhaling anything other than pure oxygen, but if you are quitting smoking or looking to start something more sociable than just breating boring air, than vaping is the way to go.

The best thing about vaping is that it does not cost you friends because you stink of tobacco. Aromas from vaping are rather pleasant and many restaurants and public gatherings do not yet reject vaping indoors. Unless reports start to emerge or surface that there are registered incidents with vaping from admission to hospital, only then will health authorities start to sit up and listen.

Huge Range Of E-juice Flavors To Choose From


If you are going to be looking into a vape starter kit for yourself, you will find that there is a huge range of EJuice flavors you can choose from.

Some are sweet, some are sour and if you actually still like the flavor of tobacco, you can still even get tobacco flavor E-Liquid.

There’s Strawberry Cheesecake, Kahlua Iced Coffee, Grape Candy, and Bubble Gum. There is a massive list of flavours you can choose from from for vaping.

Independent Research Into The Safety Of Vaping

In The UK of 2015, a public body known as England Public Health established through their own research is deemed to be up to 95 percent safer than smoking. It is established as the result that in Multiple studies around the globe, tests that have been carried out have indeed, that vaping is safer than smoking as chemicals that are found in tobacco, are generally absent in Vaping or Ejuices.

So Make The Choice Of Switching To Vaping 

If you have really considered the fact of switching from smoking to vaping, that decision could not be any safer or anymore right. Why smoke and kill yourself with thousands of chemicals when you can vape instead. If you smoke, or know someone who smokes, it is actually in your interests to encourage the move to vaping over smoking.

Pharmaceutical Companies And Their Outrage Over Vaping

Think about this for a minute. Pharmaceutical companies rake in billions from diseases which are naturally inflicted or artificially inflicted like smoking. How much money do you think These massive drug dealers make from smoking related diseases alone ? Billions alone from smoking. How much do you think they lose everyday as people make the move from smoking to Vaping ? Millions every day are being lost as the sales in tobacco continue to fall.

Tobacco Companies And Pharmaceutical Companies Now Losing Out Thanks To Vaping


These two industries are now in uproar, thanks to vaping. Just think, from one end we had tobacco companies AND THE GOVERNMENT making billions in sales and taxes from tobacco in making us sick, and Pharmaceutical companies making billions from us selling us drugs to make us well again.




It is in EVERY Smokers interests to kick the habit and start vaping. Tobacco giants and pharmaceutical companies are the biggest criminals when it comes to killing people, and then you have the government robbing us blind with taxes while everyone else slowly kills our lives off, so why not vape instead. Go to your nearest vape shop and buy your first MOD or vape pen today. Give it a shot. I guarantee you that you will enjoy it thoroughly more so over everything else than smoking

Sydney Vape Shops


With the introduction of vaping into society, many small business owners Sydney have caught onto this new trend of vaping and now sell and abundance of vaping products from MODS to vape pens and along with a heap of added vaping accessories and other products.

Not just this, but there are plenty of vape stores online which you can buy a MOD online if you are a seasoned veteran or a vape pen if you don't want to move on up in the world.

Vapor stores are your go to guys if you want to quit smoking, so why waste more time killing yourself  ? visit a local vape shop in Sydney like and see what best suits you. A MOD or a vape pen to get started with


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