Thursday, January 9, 2020

Long Term Effects Of Vaping On Your Health

Is Vaping Dangerous Or Safe ?

Thinking of quitting smoking and taking up vaping ? Your nearest Vape shop can help...It could be the next better option for your health if you are thinking of quitting the habit....Or could it ?
Vaping is known as the action that involves inhaling vapor through devices known as e-cigarettes or Vaporizers, this was marketed as the safe alternative to traditional smoking, however, studies have concluded that vaping is not 100% sade either as it also can lead to health issues related to the respiratory system.

Dangers related to vaping

It is considered among teens that Vaping, by not being the traditional smoking, it is safe and does not mean any danger, this is wrong. Let´s start from the beginning, the reason why vaping is considered is that its flavoring is classified as such by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration, but the tricky part comes in that these agents are considered safe when acting as an additive in food but no one is really sure if it is good to inhale it. One of the compounds found in e-cigarettes liquid is Diacetyl, Diacetyl is commonly found in Popcorns where it does not cause any significant damage to our organism when we consume them, but it is known to cause a serious lung disease called Popcorn lungs that, it is the outcome of inhaling this chemical.

Does Vaporizers also use nicotine?

Actually, yes. Both cigarettes and Mods or e-cigarettes contain nicotine, nicotine has proven to be damaging to our organism as well. Nicotine affects the brain development of teens; vaping through teenagehood can end up in teens having behavioral and cognitive problems such as attention and memory issues. Vaping during pregnancy is also dangerous, as nicotine has long-lasting consequences on newborns, affecting their brain´s development and their lungs.

What other effects does vaping have?

  • Heart problems: According to Healthline, studies have proven that vaping increases heart pressure and heart rate and that people who use vaporizes will likely suffer from heart diseases.
  • Teeth and Gum problems: Studies reported that using e-cigarettes makes teeth prone to develop bacteria and that vaping increases the chances of cavities, and another study reported that vaping can cause severe irritation around the area including the mouth, gums, and the throat.
  • cell dysfunction and damage to DNA.

Is vaping safer than smoking?

The main difference between traditional cigarettes and e-cigarettes is that cigarettes contain tobacco, while the majority of damaging components that are in traditional cigarettes can also be found in e-cigarettes. It is popularly believed that vaping is safer just because of the lack of tobacco, this is not 100% true. It is true that it has been confirmed that after years of smoking several diseases can be developed such as lung cancer, heart diseases, and emphysema, but vaping has been confirmed to cause symptoms within a year of usage. This is because while e-cigarettes are tobacco-free they contain toxic agents such as one found in antifreeze, which is a carcinogen.


It is safe to assume that both smoking and vaping are unhealthy and that both will have serious long term effects in our bodies, and only few factors will be different as it is the time in which we will see the symptoms.


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