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Voopoo Vapes 3 Key Features Of Why You Should Buy Voopoo


Voopoo is one of the most well known and beloved vaping brands. The company has a wide range of vaping products in its rich portfolio, including starter kits, mods, pods, and more advanced devices. Just like the Uwell Caliburn, being sold in your local vape shop,this article will look at the Voopoo brand of vapes and the manufacturer, including some models and key features of the brand. While yoiu are hetre, you may want to take a look at some vaping health studies

The Manufacturer And History Of The Voopoo Brand Of Vape

Voopoo is currently one of the most advanced vaporising companies in the world. As an
advanced electric cigarette manufacturer, the company features their Gene Chip technology in
all their vape mods. In addition, Voopoo takes a lot of pride in its commitment to producing
high-quality products that are both versatile and durable. 


The company was established in 2014 and has grown to become one of the fastest-growing
electric cigarette companies globally, making use of the best tech solutions in the industry. 

In 2017, Voopoo acquired a US brand called Woody Vapes, paving its way into the vaping
industry. What followed was a relentless effort to develop new technology and chipsets that
created a recognised presence in the vaping industry. 


The company’s signature Gene chip incorporated boards used on their box mods, and this
provides power, speed, versatility, and incredible reliability. 

Key Features Of The Voopoo Vaping Brand


Voopoo vapes have a strong reputation of being reliable, durable and made with the highest
tech support. 


  • Wide range of products: The company currently has a wide range of vape products
    that include the DRAG series, VINCI, ARGUS, V series, PnP coils, Voopoo kits,
    Voopoo mods, and other accessories and devices. 


  • Top-level technology with the power of GENE platforms: Working with its strategic
    partner GENE, the company released the following chip
    series - GENE.Fan, GENE. Fit, GENE.Pod, GENE.Trio, GENE. AI, and GENE. TT.


  • Durability and reliability: The company has become noted for only making the best
    quality products available on the market. No matter which of their products
    you use, you can be sure that you are more than getting value for money.

Some Popular Specific Models Of The Voopoo Vaping Brand

Here are some of the popular models of Voopoo vapes.

Voopoo Drag Max is made of tough cold metal with soft leather that comes together in an
ergonomic size. Moreover, it comes equipped with a fast-charging system that gives it hours
of standby time. Plus, it is also compatible with all PnP oils currently available on the market.

Voopoo Argus Pro features the GENE IT chip set, which improves its performance.
It also comes with output modes while remaining compatible with the PnP Coil series.
Unlike the Drag Max, it is made with durable double zinc alloy material with some
touch of leather. 

Voopoo Drag S comes in an ergonomic and compact pod mod kit system. It consists
of a built-in rechargeable battery that offers hours of standby time and a pod cartridge
with a capacity of 4.5 ml. In addition, the design allows for bottom refilling, which comes
with an airflow system that makes for a very comfortable user experience. 

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